One stop international schools in Geneva


Whether you’re about to arrive in Geneva or have just got here, if you have children,  there’s no doubt about it, you’ll have that stressful question looming over your head, which school should I put my child into?

International schools often tend to be a popular choice with expats and with there being quite a few of them scattered over Geneva and its surrounding area, all of which seem to provide a high standard of education, the decision making process can appear quite overwhelming.

So to help make that choice easier for you, I’ve put together a fact file focussing on programmes and services offered by the international schools that take you all the way from kindergarten through to the end of high school. Basically, schooling for all the family under one roof.  

This should help you navigate your way through the minefield of choices and find something that suits your family’s personal needs and then allow you to get on with enjoying your new life in Geneva.

To view my fact file, please click on the link below.

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