THE COMPANY'S PHILOSOPHY...and a bit about me!

Moving to a new city or even a new country is a personal experience and so everyone’s needs are different.  It involves emotion and should not be treated in a corporate fashion.

Some people are first timers, embarking upon an exciting new chapter in their lives by moving abroad for the first time whilst others are well-established expats looking forward to another experience in another country.

Whatever category you fall into, your experience will always be unique as no individual, family or journey is ever the same. Naturally this means that no relocation is ever the same. With this in mind the helpful company’s philosophy is based on providing a service that does exactly what its name says and that is to be helpful, listening to what its clients need and then delivering on them.

Given that the helpful company offers a personal service, it’s important that you know a little bit about the person who created the business…

Having arrived in Geneva from the UK more than 15 years ago with my husband and two small children, I have experienced life as an expat in Geneva and as I have also spent time living in Spain and France, I recognize how your needs can also change according to what stage of life you are at.

I have now acquired dual nationality by becoming Swiss and am fully integrated into Swiss life. By feeling both British and Swiss, I can identify with clients arriving as expats but also share with them my passion for the country that has become my adopted home.

As for the communication side of things, I speak fluent English, French, Spanish and Italian, and so can also help you overcome any obstacles that language barriers can sometimes create.

By offering a personal approach, I hope to make your move to Geneva a stress free experience as well as being constantly on hand should you require help throughout your time living here, as your needs evolve.

Melanie Tappin, Founder of the helpful company

Our core values

  • To provide an à la carte service that fits your personal needs, as every person and family is unique.
  • To hold your hand every step of the way as you start a life in your new environment.
  • To take the stress out of your lives by providing an on-going service even when you have settled in Geneva.
  • To share our knowledge with you.
  • No request is ever too small.  We are here to help and assist in making your experience in Geneva a happy one.