Once you have settled in, you may decide that you wish to get on the property ladder and buy a home and then at a later stage sell it and purchase another property.  With experience in the real estate industry, the helpful company will be able to assist you with these projects.

Over time, you may find that your child’s academic goals may change or that the need extra support in certain areas and so the helpful company can provide advice on how to best respond to these needs, by providing solutions and assisting you in implementing them. 

To make your life easier, the helpful company also offers an à la carte service for ad-hoc queries that primarily cover administrative tasks such as making appointments. 

Real Estate – buying a residential property

  • Assessing and determining the type of property that you wish to acquire, focusing on your personal needs, preferences and budget.
  • Providing advice on how the real estate market works in Geneva.
  • Providing information on the market rates and what you can expect to get with your budget.
  • Sharing in-depth knowledge of the local market and proposing areas that suit your needs.
  • Finding suitable properties that meet those needs, arranging viewings and accompanying you on those visits.
  • Negotiating the best terms for you, managing offers and counter-offers.
  •  Providing ongoing support and advice throughout the sale process.
  • Liaising with the notary and being present at the signing of the notarial contract and at the handover of keys.
Real Estate – selling a residential property
  • Sharing knowledge of the local real estate market, including market trends and property prices so that the property is competitively positioned in the market. 
  • Using marketing strategies to promote your property in a targeted and effective way.
  • Ensuring that all documents are correctly filled out and submitted.
  • Networking with potential clients.
  • Arranging viewings and accompanying  prospective buyers on those visits.
  • Presenting you with offers from potential buyers and negotiating the best terms for you. 
  • Providing ongoing support and advice throughout the whole sale process.
  • Liaising with the notary and being present at the signing of the notarial contract and at the handover of keys.


Schooling –  à la carte

  • Providing advice on schooling on an on-going basis for both the state and the private systems.
  • Outlining the differences between the different qualifications and which are best suited to your child.
  • Reviewing your child’s schooling progress to date and re-evaluating their short and long term goals.
  • Implementing changes where necessary.
  • Assisting with the process in changing schools in the private sector or applying for positions in the state school system as your children get older or as goals change.

Language exams for children

  • Providing information about the different exams available in the target language.
  • Presenting details of the location and dates of the exams.
  • Assisting with the enrolment process.


  • Determining your child’s requirements.
  • Collating a list of options that meet those needs.
  • Presenting the information.
  • Assisting with the enrolment process / arranging the classes.

General assistance à la carte

Ad-hoc queries covering the following:-

  • Arranging deliveries.
  • Placing orders e.g. for furniture.
  • Liaising with the garage to arrange for your car to be repaired or for the wheels to be changed.
  • Assisting with the annual vehicle check at the cantonal office for vehicles.
  • Attending meetings with teachers to assist with language barriers.
  • Booking appointments.