The consultancy services offer that helping hand to better prepare you when making those all important decisions when relocating. With a wealth of experience in relocating, repatriation and a strong understanding of the field of education, the helpful company can ensure that you have the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions.

Consultancy goes beyond ticking boxes on the to do list when moving abroad. It focuses on questions of inquiry relevant to each individual within the framework of the relocation process.  The needs and emotions may differ from person to person but below is a sample of the key areas where the helpful company provides support:-

Transition – adjusting to the new environment.

  • Identifiying goals and ways to achieve them when moving abroad.
  • Outlining the cultural facets and customs of the country you are moving to.
  • Preparing you to adjust to the new environment.
  • Running through the different elements that you need to consider when relocating.
  • Advising on how to create a new network both professionally and socially.

Location & accommodation

  • Sharing knowledge of the local real estate market.
  • Helping you to decide upon the type of area in which you would like ot live, for example the countryside or city and whether those definitions are the same as where you come from.
  • Managing expectations of the quality, size, facilities and concierge services available when searching for accommodation.
  • Informing you about your rights as tenants and how the rental contracts work.


  • Explaining the difference between the state system and the private one to assist you with your decision making process.
  • Informing about the different offerings between each of the private and international schools.
  • Helping you to get to grips with the various qualifications available and how they work in order to make the right short and long term decisions for your children.
  • Highlighting and evaluating the benefits of a bilingual education etc.
  • Looking at educational opportunities as an adult, particularly accompanying spouses who may want to try something new or continue with training in their new country.


  • Helping to pull together a plan that prepares you for your departure, ensuring that all the elements of the process are completed within your timescales.
  • Identifying goals and ways in which to achieve them upon your return or arrival in your next relocation destination.
  • Preparing you for the various emotions and feelings that you may be confronted with when moving back home or relocating to a new destination.